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have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which caused hair loss when I was in my 20s. There’s women with beard like in YouTube Shake Your Beauty Series, they also have PCOS but I’m lucky that I do not have facial hair due to PCOS.

I strongly believe that my PCOS is due to my psychiatric medication, Sodium Valproate, a mood stabilizer which was prescribed to me by a Senior Psychiatrist since 19 years old when I self-admitted myself twice within 2 weeks into IMH because I have very bad mania episodes from taking anti-depressions as I was misdiagnosed with depression all along since 12 years old. I have researched and read up on Google that taking Sodium Valproate from a young age like 19, would cause PCOS in women. I have since stopped taking it and my doctors replaced my medication. Currently, I’m taking Seroquel an anti-psychotic.

PCOS can caused fertility issues in women, I guess I had a miscarriage when I was 25 due to PCOS and it was a very painful experience. The gynae department in NUH didn’t detect Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in my blood, to test for pregnancy, but I had a long painful period of vaginal bleeding which lasted for weeks. I practically do not have any period cramps during menses throughout my life so I’m sure it’s a miscarriage. I had an unfaithful boyfriend at that time and I suffered the pain alone.

I had really heavy menstruation in my 20s which last over a month at times and my menses when missing over more than a year when I was around 30 years old and I was referred to a Gynae at Gleneagles and I wad diagnosed with PCOS. I have been seeing Gynae department in NUH for years and they never diagnose me with PCOS only one female Indian doctor mentioned once that Sodium Valproate is the cause but it was never communicated to IMH and when I told the doctors they say if I stop taking it I will get a relapse.

I was prescribed Metformin and I took it with Resveratrol and I lost weight from 94kg to 85kg and my menses came back to normal. But when I was 34 in 2017, I had explosive diarrhea and weak legs while on Metformin and I self-admit into IMH, Mood Disorder Unit because I was losing my sleep as well and it was a bad decision. I should have gone to Ng Teng Fong or NUH instead because it’s more of a physical issue than an mental one. One of the psychiatrist in the ward decided to double my dosage on Metformin while I was given potassium salts at the same time. One of the doctors told me that I was low in potassium and I say I’ll eat more bananas and the whole room of doctors and nurse burst into laughter. It’s no laughing matter as it’s a psychiatric ward I am forced to take the double dose of metformin and I keep persuading the nurse to half the dose, they can tie me up if I don’t follow their protocol. I almost died due to lack of potassium and obvious stupid doctors’ decisions.

When I was 35, after missing my menses again because I stopped taking metformin, I start myself off with Ovasitol, Vitamin B8. Which I also researched and read online that it can help PCOS. It took me sometime to get it online because I was low in income and it caused over USD100 for 3 months of supply.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with Diabetes after I kept feeling hungry, I kept eating but my weight didn’t rocket up. My friend advised me to get check up, I was avoiding it for a couple of months and I dread to hear the worst. I was placed on Trajenta as it has the least side effects and won’t cause weight gain. I noticed that it interfered with Ovasitol as my menses cycle got shorter. So I stopped Ovasitol.

I didn’t know when I started to feel weak legs and fainting when I was walking around. But I tried another supplement for slimming called CLA, which is Omega 6, for 2 days and it wreak up my whole body system, physically and mood wise, I was not myself and the weak legs and fainting got worst. I self-admit to Ng Teng Fong after the polyclinic doctor refused to change my diabetic medication and tested my blood and say that the hospital won’t ward me because my blood test are fine. The doctor at A&E once knowing that I have bipolar disorder claimed that it’s due to a psychological problem that I was scared of crowd which caused the fainting spell, I disagreed with him but he sent me to IMH by ambulance. Anyway at that time I was having depression because a client who I gave 4 free consultants on digital marketing and made me do a free delivery of a cake from her church friend from the MRT, threatened not to use my services at all after I asked her for $2 for the delivery. These was in Dec 2018.

I went back to the polyclinic and the doctor also claim that Trajenta has low chance of causing fainting spells but change my medicine to Glipizide which he says would make me feel even more like fainting. I took it for a few weeks and I can feel my stomach getting rounder and feeling discomfort. I have since stopped feeling like fainting and I went back on Trajenta, so far no more issues.

[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I also like them have PCOS
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: But luckily I have no facial hair
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: YouTube shake Ur beauty series
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Ok. TQ. I just scared they will stare at my head like my breasts
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: When I was in Ngee Ann the Disciplinary master caught me twice for wearing shorts and converse star slippers. He say it’s unisex I can’t wear. He was staring at my breasts all the time when warning me
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I feel so disturbed
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Till now
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I should have complained him
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I was in NP for 6-7yrs due to Bipolar
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: He was sack after many years
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: But it was like 5 yrs of my poly life
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Should I have just quitted studying with O level
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I would not be able to teach Tuition wo Diploma
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I was physically abused from 10-12 by Indian male form teacher pinch and slap 4 days a week for 2 yrs
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I am already a A* student for Maths and Science. The torture didn’t help
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Then I got Bipolar
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Was misdiagnosis and given antidepressants which made me have mania
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I self admit to IMH twice in 2 week at 19
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Then the doctor change to mood stabilizer which cost my PCOS and hair loss. I took it for over 10 yrs
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: We went court at 18 but he denied
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: He say he joked with us NV touch us
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I don’t know the outcome because I cried so hard I was asked to leave
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Maybe my father took compensation and gamble away
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Everytime I ask he jumps up
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I went to ask for the outcome after my poly at 24. They say verbally it’s settled
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: The I ask for report it also states it’s settled
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: I ask for $5 refund
[14:44, 3/16/2019] Violet Yap: Story of my life

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