My IMH Horror Stories-Difficult Veins

There was one horror stay at IMH when I was in my earlier 20s. I’m 35 now.

It started when the night shift of all Indian nurse couldn’t take my blood. The supervisor tried too while she was eating which is unprofessional. Ironically, she stopped me from eating a burger which my father got for me. She didn’t allow me to eat the burger in the ward. I was having extreme hunger and discomforts from Sodium Valproate.

Back to the horror. So there were about 7-8 nurses in each team. The Chinese nurses were in the morning shift. All the nurses in both teams tried to withdraw blood from my arm but all failed. I keep asking them to stop trying because it was really painful. But all of the nurse made a try each to take my blood. So total 14-16 nurses tried to take my blood and failed. When I protested, a nurse say the more I don’t want the more difficult it will be harder for them to find the vein.

  1. The next day, a group of doctors were in for consultation. They were informed that all the nurses can’t withdraw my blood. A female doctor asked me to go into a room with 2-3 interns. Her eyes with glasses looks like she had some serious mental illness which was worst than mine. She say she wants to take my blood and she keep trying and trying, it was very painful. I asked her to stop but she said she wants to show the interns. I endured for over 10 tries and what seemed like almost half an hour of poking but still no blood.

They told my father, they wants to release me but no blood samples from me.

Bottom line, I feel that that’s no patients rights practiced at IMH till now in 2019. My last stay in 2017 was not present as well…it it for another blog.

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