Carousell Clients for Services Sux

In Dec 2018, Sandra.C working as a sales person at the shop, together with her husband & Jeunesse upline Thomas.T, contacted me on Carousell for my Digital Marketing Services.
First meeting with her husband, they claim they need help with their own businesses. Husband’s POS system and wife’s Spectacles Shop Business. They were both telling lies. The remaining 3 times, Sandra & Thomas sought advises for their Jeunesse business.
Sandra called me to meet them 3 times at Bugis Cube Spectacles Shop BCShowroom where she works at and once at Hougang Mall to give them free consultations. I stay in the West. Everytime I have to wait for more than 3hrs to talk to her at the shop while she serves Customers. Thomas keep telling Sandra to not take up this and that of my services because need money. They took all the advices during the 4 free consultations and tried to do all the services themselves without paying me a cent. Most of it they get them wrong.
The last time I met Sandra at this shop, she even ask me to make a free delivery for her cake from her church at Bugis MRT, commenting everytime I go have Customers & I have nothing to do.
I ask her to pay for the 4 out of 10 services I quote which she said she wants but end up only want 1 service which has to be paid monthly. She insisted to pay half of the amount which I already gave Discount & infact she has asked for more Discounts on it. She says because I might be cheating her and refused to pay. At this point she is making herself angry and I request her to pay me $2 for the “free delivery service” as I was having Diabetic Fatigue. She jumped up & say it’s impossible for us to work together and threatened not to use my services at all. At this point I was totally shaken & took the $2, Thanked her & say see you again.
I wrote in to this Spectacles Shop owner & Jeunesse both companies do not want to take actions. This Spectacles Shop owner with heck care attitude say don’t involve his shop but the incidents took place here. I feel that he does not have a sense of responsibility and deserves 0 star if have options.Even though, I emailed Jeunesse that Thomas.T keeps harrassing me but I was asked to settle it with him myself. I don’t feel justified as I suffered from 1 month of depression after this incident and couldn’t work.
This is my last resort to feedback on Google, Facebook & my own blog so the Public can know.

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