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Rotton Eggs Rating for Being Accused for Women’s Vengeance & Got Verbally Abused for 2hrs by Male Indian Muslims CIDs who passed the case around in the Special Sexual Investigation Depart in 2009. The one who “Interviewed” me “Pretended” to be the Judge and used Legal Jargons which I didn’t Understood. I was Raped by Malaysian WP guy who wanted to Marry me for Taking My Virginity when I say No. When to Magistrate Court and was Meciated by Two Uncles where I request he should go for Psychiatric Treatment and I wish this doesn’t happen to any girls again as I was his 11th Victim.
So Singapore Court is Female Prejudiced? Where are all the Feminist?
I used the Quality Customer Feedback System the Old Frail Chinese Uncle just say they were advised to practice empathy to complainants. Not like an Excellent Female Officer who made a Officer at Jurong West Branch to Apologize to me for not Working on my stolen Hp case. I wasted alot of Mobile Bills to make him work at the end the hp is in the worst state when returned and the teemage boys were only warned at Court. For recent previous two cases of Molestation last yr and Online Sexual Harrassments last month there’s no reply or update by letters and endless enquiries they say they still investigating and will update in my next life & YTD’s Mental Patients Discriminations cases & Cyber Bullying of me & PAP, I was yelled at almost arrested for taking a soft copy of a document I signed. I wanted the case section which the Culprits will be charged under because it’s not stated in the report. I think my own safety is more important so I say they can keep my report copy and left. I called 999 for help while they chased and trailed behind me….after a distance I saw a mad guy yelling trying to get himself banged by cars and ran towards the Police Station at Yew Tee CC. My mother asked me to keep everything to myself and not let her relatives know so for years I am silent. My cousin is actually a high rank CID but I can’t get his help. Thanks to Technology and SM I can express myself freely. Further information on my blog & Will be putting up videos on YouTube Same Google Account. Facebook or Google also can find me easily. Contact me by WhatsApp, Tech Savvy Ppl can find me. Thanks for Reading & Having a Good Laughing.
Got Tech updates and Suggestions for Police & Legal Systems on my Blog coming up. Pls Tune or Tube in.

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