Faceless Bastard(s)
spf down

Faceless Bastard(s)

spf downI made a police report against Vincent Heng Ong Huat and Leecomz on 13th or 14th April with SG report police system aka spf.gov.sg is still down. I went to Yew Tee CC to file the report against Vincent Heng Ong Huat HP no. XYZQ7880 & LeeComz Hp no. QWER2636 . I signed and took a copy of the court section(s) where these fellows will be convicted under cyber harassment and discrimination of mental disabilities. I was not given a copy of the filed police report and the police officer together with his female colleague wanted to arrest me so I was unable to present a copy to the court.

All these caused me distress and I felt defamed and I was warded in IMH (Resort World @Buangkok Green) from 16th April to 8th May 2019.

There is a guy name Ronnie Seah Hp no. BADG4948 also from my Whatsapp group whom constantly harass me and discriminate my mental disabilities by asking me to be admitted back to IMH.

Anthony Oh Hp no. IDIOT6945 , also from my WhatsApp group who was throwing sarcastic remarks and harassing women online. He is also harassing me and the girlfriend of Ricky on Facebook too.

Will go to MediaCrop to get a Documentary Done or be Using Funny Singaporeans YouTube Channel.

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