KKGoh Property Investor Scam

I bought a property course which cost $1200 by KK Goh HP:NMJU7823 after attending a seminar held by Celestine Kong HP:FFFF9988 in August 2018,she issue me a receipt and my friend attended the course together with me. It was held at Peace Centre #05-12. During the course KK Goh ask participant of people to invest in his overseas hotels at $5000 per share. He also gave each participant a 2 vouchers to his hotel in Malaysia KL,one for free stay at one of his hotel and the other one for discount at the other hotel. A mutual friend told me that his hotels are losing money because his profit couldnt cover his operation cost. I misplace the hotel vouchers and requested KK Goh for replacement but he refused my request claiming that losing the vouchers means losing money. I had tried to contact his staff for the KL hotel earlier on but there was no response from them at all. Celestine Kong also tried to contact him about this matter but to no avail than I posted our chat log from Whatsapp to Facebook. Celestine Kong keep persuading me to lodge police report against KK Goh as KK Goh threatened to meet me at the police station and sue me under PDPA for posting his chat log with Celestine Kong on Whatsapp groups to let them know what he did to me.

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