SCCI Joe Zhou

I went to Joe Zhou office Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, SCCI on 15th of May 2019 and was asked to leave his office at International Plaza #13-13.with no apparent reasons. He requested to see me on 19th May 2019 after I removed him from my WhatsApp Groups and let my WhatsApp Group people know that it’s because I knew his history with Dato Dr Celestine Kong his Ex Gf who he accused of being a scammer and asked me not to associate him with her. Here’s the latest link about her:

During the meeting on 19th May 2019 at Yew Tee Point at 930am, he claimed that he shooed me out of his office because of my mental illnesses. I have attended his Speed Dating & Business Events and have not caused any problems for him.

I contacted ACRA at International on 15th May 2019 right after being shooed out and the phone operator told me that he just listed his name but didn’t complete the registration by paying for his Pte Ltd Company.

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