TroubleSome Ronnie Seah YYTT4948

Ronnie Seah Hp no. YYTT4948 first contacted me on WhatsApp after I post in WhatsApp Groups about my IT and Digital Marketing Freelance Services from my Website htts://Designer.Clinic.

He private msg me that he needs my services to market his products but end up asking me to work for his company on commission based after a long chat wasting my time.

I created some WhatsApp Groups and he joined almost all of them through my Group invitation. In the groups he keeps complaining that I keep getting into trouble everywhere I go. I gave some thoughts to it if I’m in the wrong.

Gradually, he keeps putting me down on everything bad that happened to me that I shared in my group. Constantly Harassing me.

After I was discharged from IMH, I shared with my WhatsApp groups and he kept saying:  “The pig should go back imh.” in more than one group.

I was in bad shape at KKH when he was attacking me, I took a lot of effort to remove him from groups I own and leaving a group he was in.

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