Dr Dato Celestine Kong

I got to know Celestine Kong last year 2018 from Business WhatsApp Groups and she is always promoting Seminars on Business Topics, she has about 3 speakers or coach per Seminar.

I attended one of her Seminar at the 2nd half of 2018. The  3 speakers were KK Goh, Jacky Cheng and a Life Planner from Manulife as the seminar was held at Manulife Room E.

I attended one of KK Goh’s Talk earlier on and placed a deposit of $1oo. I was interested to attend his course with my friend and he is fine with $100 less payment thru Celestine. We paid a total of $1200. Here’s the link about his Property Scam: https://violetyap.com/2019/05/24/kkgoh-property-investor-scam/

Celestine Kong told us that she can give us 25% referral fees for introducing people to her courses and that she owns many Properties in Singapore and Overseas.

During Jacky Cheng’s Talk on the same day, he claims that he is doing Charity for African Children and the donation money is 100% given to them. He also claims that his last min coaching which is not Academic Related but Character based in as little as 1 to 2 months can help a student improve from Grade F to A. All sounds impressing and he also have evidence that he just chatted with a parent and not even coached the kid, s/he was able to improve tremendously. He also said that he is doing trading and selling courses and wants someone young to take over his trading training as he is tired of doing it. He asked me and my lady friend our occupation as we look young to him. I said that I run a Tuition Agency and he says that he hates Tuition Agencies.

After some thoughts and cooling down, it sounds impossible for him

1) Donate 100% of the money to African Children

2) Coach Children in 1 to 2 mths not Academic Based for them to improve from F to A and hating Tuition Agencies

And pushing his trading courses to the audience because he is looking someone younger to take over.

A Few Weeks Later, Celestine Kong blasted to all business chat groups that she is collecting funds which is also doing 100% money donation for that Charity Organisation like Jacky Cheng’s. Joe Zhou reacted in many of the groups mentioning that Celestine Kong is a Bankrupt and she is not supposed to be collecting or handling funds. To find out more back stage stories, I didn’t remove both parties immediately in my Biz World Group Chat. They quarreled a bit and I removed Celestine Kong. Joe Zhou remained in my Group and I made him admin of my few other new groups which he joins instantaneously whenever I start them. He had been claimig that Celestine Kong is a scammer. Both of them made Police Reports against each other, Joe Zhou made about 2 of them and Celestine Kong keep making and writing and circulating stuffs about the matter in group chats that she is still in and also to me. I have to block her at her 3rd Police Report on the same day and constant blasting privately to me. Both parties gave me alot of information because I was the Group Owner of Biz World and both included information about my group, name and details in their Police Reports. Both of them have Multiple WhatsApp numbers and keep blasting their Business Seminars which sells courses on WhatsApp Groups, mine and other Groups.

A few days later, Jacky Cheng also start making a few copies of Police Report about Celestine Kong and circulated it in WhatsApp Groups and Email that he is no longer working with Celestine Kong and also informing everyone that she is a scammer.

I have heard from others that she has bad reputation in Malaysia even though she is a Dato.

Joe Zhou sent me a number which he warns me it’s Celestine’s new number to scam people which has entered many group chats and also blasted her own events with. When KK Goh refused to give me replacement for his vouchers for the KL Hotels which he offers 1 night free stay and discounts claiming that losing the vouchers means losing money. I tried to contact Celestine’s new number, there was no response. Till there’s a lady called Christine which is also Celestine Kong’s latest number on WhatsApp Groups “helped” to talk with KK Goh in a Group with Celestine’s oldest number which I knew. KK Goh refused to burge and claimed that I harassed his staffs. I msg one of his staff once or twice only and there was no response at all. Celestine showed me her chat with him that God will take care of him and she told me that she believed that God will take care of Joe Zhou of the Story he made up about her being a Scammer.

Here’s the Link where Joe Zhou Discriminates me having Bipolar Disorder too: https://violetyap.com/2019/05/24/scci-joe-zhou/

The next day, she text me that KK Goh wants to sue me under PDPA and keep pestering me to make Police Report against him. I find it very funny as KK Goh is doing Business it doesn’t fall under PDPA. I have let Group Chats know what he did to me and his Hotels are losing money and he is a Potential Fraud for asking ppl to invest $5K slots in his Overseas Hotels.

Celestine Kong started to spread her “Crytho” Currency Group Links to many of the group chats including mine repeatingly, I have about 20 group chats so I entered to take a look. She starts phishing by Private Msging people her events.  And after a couple of days, she removed a few person including me. I confronted her in one of my biz groups. She said it was accidental and wanted to add me back which she didn’t do so. She is like David Wee who collected data from other ppl’s group chats and remove the group owners where they get the data from. So I called her a 2 headed snake as what I felt so far while she handled KK Goh’s incident and removing me from her misspelled Group chat which could be another Potential Fraud as most of the course she sells are High Ticket and Frauds. I removed her from a couple of my groups as she was barking real hard in there.

She also attacked me in group which I am not admin of, there’s a guy called Chester who joined in and cyber bullied me at the same time. Chester called me Crazy and Celestine Kong threatens to sue me here and there and kept asking me to wait for her lawyer letters, finally she also discriminates me being a mental patient and defames me. I told her I can sue her for both of that. She and Chester kept barking and the Group owner is missing MIA, I exit the group chat after collecting enough evidence.

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