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Introducing our Dating Telegram Bot which matches users with a small token, currently USD4.99 for the 1st 100 users.

It’s Free to Post and to Apply, you can choose to accept or reject matches, you will be prompted to pay after you have accepted.


Here are they steps to use the Bot:



  • From this Channel you can users who have posted. You can choose to apply for them or post a date yourself using our Bot.
  • To use the Bot type /start
  • You can choose to Post a Date by clicking on “Date Poster”.


You can choose to apply for a date by clicking on Applicants then choose the Ref number to apply to.


  • Click Yes to Both Pre-Questions if you are above 18 and if you are willing to pay USD4.99 to proceed.
  • Follow through the Bot chat flow which will prompt you questions, for the last question you have to submit a picture (pls post an appropriate picture).
  • If you get stuck anywhere pls click back or type /start again.
  • After you post or apply, please look out for notifications of users applying for your date or the date poster accepting your request.
  •  After both parties accept, there will be a 48 hour window for payment. After each party paid both parties usernames will be revealed to each other.
  •  If one party didn’t pay within 48 hrs, the party who paid will be refunded and notified.
  • If you have any enquiries you can contact @VioletYap on Telegram.



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