God Pls Give me Strength to Quit Dating Apps

I first fall sick after using Skout Travel back in 2017 because I saw all the people from countries I desire to know people from are all heavily Tattooed and are on Drugs. There’s nothing wrong apparently with their life and they mess themselves up it’s very disturbing. I gave Benefit of Doubt and start to chat with several of them, they seems to be nice at first on the Dating Apps then they ask me to chat on Google Hangouts there’s where abuse and scams starts to happen.

Now in 2020, I’m using michat which I think is a sister app of WeChat which allows people to find people nearby and go on to trending chats. You can get to meet new desirable people from the app everyday but the problem is it has tons of fake profiles and guys only interested in sex. The most frustrating part is 99% of the guys refused to provide their mobile number for WhatsApp. They suggest WeChat, Telegram, Line and such which doesn’t provide their handphone number. I’m getting really fed up with all of these men, they are 100% fake and up to no good.

Why do I insist in getting handphone mobile number to chat on WhatsApp:

Few years back I used WeChat and I was molested by a guy who provided fake picture and I didn’t have his hp number. Luckily the police was able to get his car plate number from the carpark gantry.

To all the ladies out there, there are tons of fake scammers and sex predators out there in dating apps.

Even now on Alamak Relay Chat, all the guys are not serious, all won’t give their mobile number. All of them will ask you to chat on WeChat, Telegram or Line. And All of them are not serious in looking for relationships. I wonder how I grew up using Alamak Relay Chat, even now it’s not popular anymore, sex predators still lounge around looking for prey.

The worst is the Meetup.com app is flooded with fake profiles, I made an event for today Mid Autumn Festival Gathering and I got 3 RSVP within 2 hrs but all their display pictures are missing, it’s so sicking and they do not reply to my messages. Here’s the link to the meetup event today, you can join my group for future events even if you missed today’s meet up, I’m looking for real people to join:

Mid Autumn Festival Gathering http://meetu.ps/e/JpTzY/9FRzM/d

I’m urging people to be serious in finding friends and relationships, to all scammers and fake profilers, stop all your nonsense.

I feel upset seeing young guys in their teens and 20s and even mid age guys like in their 30s and 40s still looking for fun online, it’s just disgrace and disappointments to ladies looking for real relationships. Wish they will wake up soon one day.

Please give me suggestions how I can meet real people and friends constantly and stop using all dating apps.

I have an idea to verify people joining dating apps so as not to have scammers on the apps if I were to make a dating app myself.

Look at Facebook Dating, Tinder and OkCupid, it’s full of fake Chinese men profiles too, they use very photoshopped pictures, such distasteful scammers who will WhatsApp you with +852 numbers, when I try to video call them, they will give me black or red screen and claim that network is bad. You ask them if they are fake and they turn vulgar.

Men just don’t care they do not have bio-clock like ladies, I’m already 37, I’m still wasting my time on fake people online, so God Please Help me Quit Dating Apps and hope I can meet someone I like in person who is truly interested in me.

I admit I’m addicted to Dating Apps despite all the downside. Hope I can get suggestions how to stop. Pls comment below if you can help.

Thanks a lot,

Happy Mid Autumn Festival (Hopefully I will be able to meet my love today so do others will do today.)

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