I have the following business ideas which I wish to develop. They come with Business Plans in PowerPoint form if you want to purchase them pls contact me. Investors who are interested feel free to contact me too. By email at VioletYap83@gmail.com.

1) Online Tutorial Platform

Website: Https://Tutors.Agency

Brief Plan: Sell Singapore Academic & Adult Courses at Affordable Price.

Selling Point: Udemy don’t really have Academic courses for Children.

Market Research: I have some feedback using Survey Monkey

Business plan for Sale at $35.

2) Video CVs

Website: Https://Profiles.Agency

Brief Plan: Companies/Employers subscribe to view Video CVs from Applicants. Applicants can use free plan or premium plan for longer Video CVs recording time & other privileges like appear in higher rank to Employers.

Selling Point: Earn from both sides. No need to register for employment licenses as it’s an online job portal.

Business plan for Sale at $40.

3) a) Real Dating App/ b) Escort Services App

Brief plan: a) Single Men & Women pay for real dates with people they match with. Affordable rates

Selling Point: Cheaper than Lunch Actually & GaiGai

Business Plan for $40.

Brief plan: b) Men/Women selects Escort Profiles & pay online to arrange for meeting or accompany.

Selling Point: There’s no 4/5 Stars Escort Services Apps on Android phones.

Business Plan for $35.

4) Easy Search for IT help

Brief plan: Immediately getting what you want to find, not endless search results. E.g Find an open resource file easily immediately for download. Results in one page, able to sell ads to advertisers.

Selling Point: Google always give you endless list of search results but not exactly what you want. You have to check several links to find what you want. It’s a waste of time & causes confusion.

Business Plan for $50.